Frequently Asked Questions


At Recycle Right, we offer comprehensive recycling services. From diverting and storing recyclable commodities to seamless transportation to our state-of-the-art facilities, we’ve got all your business’ recycling needs covered. Count on us for responsible and reliable recycling solutions

How long does it take for us to get back to you?

We have a same-day response policy. One of our consultants will get back to you within the same working day.

How quickly can we collect your items?

We usually arrange a collection within one business day.

How fast will we process your materials?

It is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity of the materials and volumes. Our average processing time is 14 days.

What can we process?

Our Environmental Clearance allows us to process anything that falls under WEEE, Textiles, Metals, Consumer Goods Non-Metals, and Glass.

Will you get certified?

Yes, we provide all our clients with a certificate of destruction within 14 days. Our certificates are acknowledged and approved by the Dubai Municipality Environment Department.

What materials does Recycle Right recycle?

We specialize in recycling the following materials: E-waste, Metal Scrap, Paper, Plastic Scrap, Glass, Fabric, Tools & Equipment, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Wood.

Does Recycle Right handle the recycling of plastics, paper, wood, metal, etc.?

Yes, we are dedicated to the responsible recycling of plastics, paper, wood, metal, and various other materials to contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Does Recycle Right perform destruction on-site?

Yes, we do provide destruction on-site, depending on the materials involved. Our team ensures secure and environmentally compliant destruction processes.

Does Recycle Right engage in e-waste refurbishment?

Yes, we specialize in e-waste refurbishment, ensuring that electronic devices are refurbished and reused in an environmentally conscious manner.

Do you obtain a Dubai Municipality certificate?

Yes, if the company is on the mainland and the client requires it, we will apply for a Waste Disposal Service (WDS) permit and issue a destruction certificate from Dubai Municipality.

Is Trakhees approval required for shipments?

Yes, Trakhees approval is necessary if the shipment is cleared from Jebel Ali Freezone and duty is paid.

Can internal transfers be done for shipments inside the free zone?

Yes, we have our own Free Zone Establishment (FZE) company, allowing us to perform Transfer of Ownership (TOO) for waste inside the free zone and handle the Waste Disposal Service (WDS) approval using our Free Zone license.

Does Recycle Right have warehouse storage facilities in the Jebel Ali Freezone?

Yes, we have a third-party warehouse within Jebel Ali Freezone to support our clients, enabling them to store materials in case of delayed deliveries due to approval processes from Customs, Dubai Municipality, etc.