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Product Destruction

Comprehensive destruction of returned, recalled, end-of-life, and obsolete products.

Scrap Collection

Expert handling of site clearing projects with rebates on raw materials

WEEE Recycling

Refurbishment, destruction, HDD shredding, and data wiping for electrical and electronic equipment

Material Recovery

Maximizing raw material recovery to avoid disposal and landfilling

E-Waste Disposal

Specialized handling of electronic waste, including refurbishment, destruction, and secure disposal.

Product Destruction

At Recycle Right in Dubai, UAE, we’re dedicated to sustainable practices through responsible  product destruction. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure compliance and data security while  tailoring services to your needs. We securely destroy electronics, documents, inventory, and  branded merchandise, protecting brand reputation by disposing of defective, expired, or  recalled items. Gain peace of mind with transparent documentation and detailed reports.

Secure Document Destruction
Glass Waste Recycling & Metal Scrap Processing
Paper & Cardboard Recycling
Plastic Waste Recycling
Electronics Recycling and Destruction
Defective and Recalled Product Disposal
Cosmetic Waste Recycling
Branded Merchandise and Obsolete Inventory AM.png

Scrap Management

We offer specialized and efficient scrap collection and purchasing services in Dubai for various  materials like metals, paper, plastic, and more. Our competitive pricing ensures a streamlined  selling process. For large projects, our dedicated team manages all aspects with a focus on  safety and efficiency. We also oversee scrap transportation logistics to minimize environmental  impact and ensure a seamless, timely process.

Scrap Collection and Purchasing
Site Scrap Clearance and Project Management
Sorting and Processing
Data Destruction and Privacy
Logistics and Transportation

E-Waste Processing

We provide E-waste services to businesses in Dubai and across the UAE. Our specialized team  collects E-waste and uses expert sorting techniques for proper recycling. We prioritize data  security with advanced data destruction services that can permanently erase data from  electronics. Our focus is on recycling over disposal, extracting valuable materials, and treating  hazardous substances responsibly. For complete destruction needs, our certified services  ensure devices are irreparable and unusable.

Electronic Collection and Sorting
Data Destruction and Security
Data Wiping
Battery Recycling
Material Recovery
HDD Destruction
WEEE Recycling
E-Waste Processing in Dubai: Expert sorting, data destruction, material recovery, battery recycling. Explore our services! AM.png

Brand Protection

We take pride in protecting your brand’s reputation with secure destruction and disposal  services for returned, recalled, excess, defective, and obsolete goods. If dumped in landfills  illegally, these products can inflict serious damage on your brand’s reputation and create a  potential environmental hazard. Beyond legal considerations, our services also include  assisting in developing a CSR strategy to promote a greener and more environmentally friendly  brand image. Join us at Recycle Right and make a meaningful impact on environmental  sustainability.